The Healing Wonders of Lapis Lazuli 💙

Just like the colour of a twilight moon shining in the sky, Lapis Lazuli holds all the powers of nature. This gemstone signifies the mystical beauty of the spiritual world that keeps us balanced, and at peace.

Lapis Lazuli is a metamorphic rock that is made of lazurite, calcite, sodalite, and pyrite. They all blend together to create a magical marble effect just like a night sky, bursting with deep blue and purple colours. There’s no wonder that this gemstone has caught the attention of so many creatives over the years...

You just need to catch a glimpse of this miraculous stone to see why it’s so incredible!

However, this gemstone is not just pretty to look at, it has wonderful healing properties as well! 🔮

The gemstone is known to inspire, and create feelings of calmness. It’s also great for boosting your immune system and helps alleviate feelings of depression.

Lapis Lazuli is also exceptionally good at improving sore throats, and soothes inflammation. So, in times of the global pandemic, this stone might help you feel a little bit more secure.

Many people have also said that this gemstone is perfect for improving self-esteem. If you’re feeling a little down, or your confidence has taken a knock, then this is for you! It will help you feel your best self.

Here’s a few other healing properties of Lapis Lazuli:

🔮 Expression
🔮 Growth
🔮 Facing Fears
🔮 Unlocks Throat Chakra
🔮 Encouragement

How do you use the Lapis Lazuli gemstone?

One of the best ways to use this stone is to wear it on a lovely piece of jewellery. That way, it can come with you everywhere you go.

It’s also great as an office companion. Try placing it on your desk while you’re working to promote feelings of confidence, and reassurance. It can help you solve problems, communicate, and offer wisdom in times of need.

The most important thing is to make sure you cleanse the stones regularly! As with all things, they need some rest and time to recharge. So, before you hop into bed at night, you can place this beautiful stone in some water.

Lapis Lazuli is a water stone so all it takes is a little water, and it’s good to go!

This gemstone is truly one of the most extraordinary natural gifts on earth. It has the ability to keep you safe, centred, and protected whilst still keeping your heart open.

Did you know that the Lapis Lazuli's was once the most precious gem in Egypt?

Well, it was! In Persian culture it was also thought to be a piece of the starry sky shrunken down into a delicate gem. It was regarded as a very powerful source of wisdom.

In a world full of many gemstones, the Lapis Lazuli holds a very special kind of magic. If you are looking for something to heal any of the feelings and emotions above, then this one's for you!

It will bring all the wonders of the universe into the palm of your hand. You just have to be open to accepting it... 🌎


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